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Why did we create the Autism Census?

To Help Parents Get Answers

Our hope is that parents will thell their own stories in the first ever Autism Census and get their copy of The Autism Answers Report.

To Build Community

Parents will do more for their children then they will ever do for themselves. Therefore we are
bringing parents together in one place, where they can learn strategies from each other to help
their child be more successful, and simultaneously build friendships and be encouraged.

To Save Parents Time and Money

Let us help you cut through the red tape and navigate the processes getting others to pay for
your child’s services.

To Create Change

Keep up with the latest research and innovations in Autism through The Autism Lab. We regularly discuss and present new therapies, programs, and treatments to help you uncover the options that are best for your child.

Who We Are

We’re the parents of an autistic child. Like you. And as we sought out help and resources, we found shockingly little support for the parents. (Perhaps also like you.) We were overwhelmed, confused and frustrated. There was too much red tape and too few answers to our practical questions and needs. No one was talking about the emotional journey we experience after a diagnosis. Except the other parents.

Therefore, we are:


We believe in empowering parents so they can be the best for themselves and their


We’re committed to keeping it real.

A Resource

Real Families. Real Issues. Real Help. The Autism Answer Report will give you real answers from successful parents about new treatments, programs, and therapies.

Simple to Use

Because life with Autism is complicated enough.

A Community

AutismCensus at it’s heart is a tool designed for creating community. A community
that knows the unique challenges and joys of being a parent of a child (or children!)
with Autism.

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It’s time. You need answers and you need support. You need a community who listens, who doesn’t judge, and who empowers you to be the best you can be, each day.